Late - The 77s

2000 Fools of the World

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1. Unbalanced
2. Sevens
3. The Years Go Down
4. The Best I Have
5. Blue Sky
6. Related (Unreleased Jacked Version)
7. Mr. Magoo (Alternate Mix)
8. Flowers In The Sand (Alternate Mix)
9. Outskirts (Alternate Mix)
10. You Still Love Me (Alternate Mix)
11. Honey Run (Instrumental Mix)
12. Shotgun Angel (Bill Sprouse, jr / Daniel Amos Cover)
13. Go With God, But Go (Live/Unreleased)
14. Perfect Blues (Live/Unreleased)
15. Dave's Blues (Live/Unreleased)
16. Denomination Blues (Live/Unreleased)

Produced by the 77s

Mike Roe - guitars and lead vocals.
Mark Harmon - bass guitars and background vocals.
Bruce Spencer - Drums, percussion and vocals.

Carey Avery: Percussion on "Outskirts".
Live tracks feature David Leonhardt on guitar & Brian Myers on percussion.

"Go With God, But Go" recorded live at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio October 15, 1997.
"Perfect Blues" recorded live at Christ's Church, UCC in St Louis, Missouri November 5, 1997.
"Dave's Blues" recorded at Mt. Vernon Nazarene College in Mt. Vernon, Ohio October 8, 1997.
"Denomination Blues" recorded at Madison's Cafe in Seattle, Washington November 5, 1997.
"Shotgun Angel" recorded for the Daniel Amos tribute CD ''When Worlds Collide''.