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Don Bown : The Fool O' Them All

Winter 1997/98 Issue

Mark My Words! -- Where Are They Now? (pt. 1)

O.K., it's here finally! And yes, it has been too long. 1997 was a dry year for all us "fools" for reasons too many and complicated to get into here, but 1998 promises to be full of many pleasing surprises...

mike roe

"It's For You"

New Mike Roe solo album coming soon!

For those of you who unfortunately missed Mike's solo tour this past fall, don't fret!

For those of you who were able to catch the shows that he and Dave Leonhardt put on, you are about to be able to own part of that show forever......

Coming this spring Fools Of The World will release it's second album "It's For You" featuring some of the best performances from Mike's "It's For You" tour, plus a limited release cassette only titled "Mike and Dave Having Fun on Stage" which will be full of various stories behind several of the songs on "It's For You", as well as moments of hilarity Dave was able to capture for all of us to enjoy!

Mike came back from the tour with a bag full of DAT's which have nearly the entire tour recorded on them! We've started to sort through all of it and will try to get the album out by April or May!!!!

77's "Video Spectacular" Coming Soon!

Imagine it, a history of The 77's on video! A collection of music and concert videos spanning the decade-plus life of this band!

Well, it's coming this summer...are you sure your VCR is ready?

New 77's Studio Album!

Mike, Mark and Bruce are writing new material for a new album to be released by this fall! It will also possibly be on the "Fools" label, so keep your eyes and ears open for a release date. Much of the material was written while the guys were on tour in Stockholm, Sweden last year. Look for a new dimension from these guys!

Where Are They Now?

We're always getting mail from many of you asking us whatever happened to so and so. Well, we thought we'd start letting you know, and what better way than to interview the Marks that have been involved with this band. So here it is... "Mark My Words"

Picking The Noodle Of Mark Tootle

The Original Rocker Mark Proctor

Mark In Harmony (Big Bass Balls pt. 2)

There's More To This Newsletter on !!

Due to the cost of printing, and the non-practicality of sending out thousands of cassettes, there is more to this newsletter on the band's official homepage!

First, to go along with this series of newsletters ("Where Are They Now?") you will find every single promotional photo the guys have done from way back to the Scratch Band days all the way up to 7&7is when Dave Leonhardt and Mark Harmon joined the band, PLUS an exclusive full color promotional shot of "The Classic Seventy Sevens" (Mike, Mark Tootle, Jan Eric, and The A-Train)! Click here...

Second, you can download samples of a few songs from Mark Proctor's Shine On album in WAVE format. (Reason to Sing, We Praise You Jesus, House of the Lord)

All thanks to web wizard Steve Johnson for making this Internet edition of the newsletter available and so cool looking!

That's all for now. Until Next Time.....

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