Fools of the World

Boat Ashore (CD) Mike, Mark, Dave Live

Mike Records New Solo Album And Releases A New LIVE 77's CD!

This year has been a busy one for Mike Roe & Co. First thing done this year was to form their very own record company called Fools Of The World (from which I stole the title for this guys newsletter) with the help of pal Brian Healy (of Dead Artist Syndrome fame). Brian had a live recording of the band he recorded in 1992 sitting on the shelf, so the decided to make this the first release on this new label.

Echos O' Faith : The 77's Played Naked is a CD-only release of Mike, Mark, and Dave "unplugged" with The Choir's Steve Hindalong providing the "bangalong" on drums. Filled to capacity (A full 80 minutes of music!) this CD contains all of the hits played like you've never heard them before.

It contains Ba Ba Ba Ba, MT, U U U U, Nowhere Else, Do It For Love, and lots more, and is available either from Rad Rockers or directly from the band for $16.99 post paid.

Michael Roe The Boat Ashore is Mike's new solo project which has just recently been released on Innocent Media, and is available in all the usual places as well as from the band for $15.99 + 10% S/H.

This one is an instant classic! Co-produced and written with Bruce Spencer, this album goes beyond anything Mike has ever done before! Bruce came into this project with 3 full album's worth of great material, but due to the ever present lack of time and money only a handful were recorded (including one track that remains unfinished).

This album will literally blow the listener away, whether they're new to Mike's music or a long time fan. For those of you who liked Safe As Milk, this one is a must buy! Albeit a departure from the beloved 77's Rock -N- Roll, The Boat Ashore features more "pop" tunes, and Mike's great guitar work. Influenced largely by the late, great Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead (whom Mike openly gives credit to), the sounds on this album are quite beautiful.

As a bonus to this album, there is a 77th track which features (who else) The 77's. This gives the die hard fan a taste of the good ol' rock, and a promise that The Seventy Sevens haven't gone anywhere. For you trivia buffs this track "Tall Trees" was originally recorded for Safe As Milk with a drum machine (the old lack of $$ applies), but was never completely finished. Bruce added real drums during the tom tom Blues sessions, but the band decided the track wouldn't fit. It was shelved until this project.

Both albums are available directly from the band at : 77's LTD, P.O. Box 1441, Citrus Heights, CA 95611.

Pray that this album lands Mike a deal with a major label. Hopes are really high for this one due to the quality of music and production that went into it. Mike said that "this album contains the deepest production that I've ever done." This Roe/Spencer production team can do great things with the right support!