2003 Announcements

August 1, 2003

From: JT FEAVEL <JT@77s.com>


The first date of the tour is now under belt and Mike and Terry have officially begun their search for the perfect BBQ. Where will their travels take them? Where will their stomachs lead them? Where can you find that perfect Polish sausage? Perhaps at one of the following tour stops:

7/30 San Diego, CA #1 (Open to the public. Contact Tom Gulotta @ tomg@sdcitybeat.com)
7/31 San Diego, CA #2 (Escondido, CA) (Open to the public. Contact Nick Sloan @ thelostdogs2003@yahoo.com)
8/1 Chatsworth, CA (Open to the public. Contact Fred Martin @ fredmartin@dccmail.org)
8/2 Denver, CO (Private Show)
8/3 St. Paul, MN (Open to the public. Contact Joe Cote @ rebelbase2001@comcast.net)
8/4 Day off for Taylor/Roe
8/5 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada (Open to the public. Contact Rudy Zacharias @ rudy.zacharias@sbsd.org)
8/6 Travel Date
8/7 Seattle, WA (Open to the public. Contact Derek Becker @ derek@satellitebooking.com)
8/8 Chicago, IL (Private Show)
8/9 Chicago, IL (Private Show)
8/10 Charleston, IL (Open to the Public. Contact Douglas Feavel @ doug.feavel@consolidated.com)
8/11 Indianapolis, IN (May be open to the public. Contact Lewis and Sandy Jay @ purdue777@aol.com)
8/12 Owensboro, KY (Open to the public. Contact Ward Bigler @ jamespop@juno.com)
8/13 Louisville, KY (Open to the public. Contact Barry Nothstine @ bnoth@bluegrasscellular.com)
8/14 Lexington, KY (Open to the public. Contact Steve Broderson @ studio246@qx.net or James Weeks @ weeks@iglou.com)
8/15 Dayton, OH (May be open to the public. Contact Debbie Cozensa @ deb@hearthelight.com)
8/16 Detroit, MI (Private Show)
8/17 Bucyrus, OH (Open to the Public. Contact Dave Woodard @ djwoodard@rocketmail.com)
8/18 Cleveland, OH (Private Show)
8/19 Harrisburg, PA (Open to the public. Contact Tim Wright @ wrightsk8park@aol.com)
8/20 Baltimore, MD (May be open to the public. Contact Susan Baldwin @ 9baldwin@maxinter.net)
8/21 Washington DC (May be open to the public. Contact Eduardo Romero @ eromero@cfncr.org)

In the event the show is not open to the public, please be considerate of the desires of the promoter...and give some consideration to booking your own private backyard get-together.


As a special tour release, Terry and Mike have written, recorded, mixed and mastered a brand new 6 song gem -- "All Day Sing and Dinner on the Ground." The EP will be available for $8.00. The initial run of the disc will be a fan's collectible in a cardboard sleeve w/ sticker. Only a limited number of this collectible will be pressed for sale on the tour and, soon, at the webstores ( http://www.michaelroe.com, http://www.danielamos.com, and http://www.thelostdogs.com). All new songs, some silly, some serious, all captivating and performed in whole by Michael Roe and Terry Taylor. Additionally, all six new songs will be performed at the BBQ stops. Supplies will be limited so make sure to either grab a copy at a show or look to the websites very soon...


Derek Becker @ Satellite Booking Agency is giving Warm & Filled a hand with booking the second leg of the BBQ tour. A few dates are still available and, if you are interested, you are encouraged to contact Derek @ derek@satellitebooking.com). For those interested in the shows as well as open dates and areas still available, the tentative itinerary is as follows:

Sun Sept 21 Vidor, TX Ty Rockwell/Solid Grounds Coffeehouse*
Mon Sept 22 Austin, TX David Jacobsen
Tue Sept 23 Dallas, TX VACANT
Wed Sept 24 Little Rock, AK Todd Brogdon
Thur Sep 25 Springfield, MO Michael Bartel
Fri Sept 26 Columbia, MO
Sat Sept 27 St. Louis, MO
Sun Sept 28 NE Iowa John Weber
Mon Sept 29 Ontario, WI Keith
Tue Sept 30 Greenville, IL Greenville College
Wed Oct 1 Fishers, IN Tim Stark
Thur Oct 2 Northern/Southern IL VACANT
Fri Oct 3 Grand Rapids, MI Mark Schlatter
Sat Oct 4 Detroit/Toledo VACANT
Sun Oct 5 Dayton/Cincinnati VACANT
Mon Oct 6 Kentucky/Ohio/Fly date VACANT
Tue Oct 7 Kentucky/Ohio/Fly date VACANT
Wed Oct 8 Nashville, TN Kyle Hankins
Thurs Oct 9 Knoxville, TN Doug Floyd
Fri Oct 10 Atlanta, GA Joe Kirk
Sat Oct 11 Rome, GA Kelly
Sun Oct 12 Raleigh, NC Michael Raburn
Mon Oct 13 Sterling, VA (DC) Phil Metclaffe
Tues Oct 14 New Jersey Mike Miller
Wed Oct 15 Somerset, NJ James Odell
Thurs Oct 16 Philly/Harrisburg Jonathan Grassi
Fri Oct 17 Ithaca, NY Rick - Christ & Coffee
Sat Oct 18 Lancaster, PA Kent Beam
Sun Oct 19 Long Island, NY Chris Mcintosh
Mon Oct 20 Boston, MA Jeff Olson


The Lost Dogs DVD, Via Chicago, is now available and is exclusively for sale at . The DVD and bonus audio disc (in only the first 1,000 units pressed) will not be available at any of the band related websites. This is a Lo-Fi exclusive. While later pressings of the DVD will be sold by the band on the road and through their webstores, the DVD w/ bonus audio disc will not be sold directly by the band and will not again be available after the first 1,000 units have sold. This enhanced release has already sold well over 1/2 of the available units in the last 3 weeks, so grab your copy while you still can.

What are reviews saying about this DVD? "When you consider the quality of the work on hand here, you're left wondering why more bands can't put something as good as this together...This DVD manages to surpass anything I've seen so far on a music DVD and offers the fans something really worth paying for." DVD Times (Region 0 review: the Lost Dogs...Via Chicago)

What are fans saying about this DVD? "May I say that the DVD is excellent! Wonderful! Great! Darned near perfect! I actually did buy a DVD player just to watch the Lost Dogs. My only question is: what about their other 60 songs? I can hardly wait for volume two. Thank-you for making this available, you cannot know how much I appreciate it. And thanks for the speedy delivery." Bill Wing

Get yours today!


Finally, please know that both the Strawmen's, "Saving Faded Dreams," and the Terry Taylor/Theo Obrastoff compilation, "Come As a Child (or Not at All)" have both released and are now available here at 77s.com and at http://www.danielamos.com respectively. "Runaway," a featured single from "Saving Faded Dreams" was recently featured at the track of the day at www.garageband.com. Mike Roe describes the album as, "the best album the 77's never made...but we did."

The new Strawmen gather Mark and Bill Harmon, David Leonhardt, Bruce Spencer and Michael Roe together to form pure power pop perfection. For fans of "Pray Naked" and "At Home," this one is for you.

"Come As a Child" features new and rare selections by Terry Taylor, Michael Roe, Theo Obrastoff, the Lost Dogs, Michael Knott, Randy Stonehill and a tremendous gang of friends and family.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of this family of artists. Were it not for your interest and encouragement, none of this would be possible. You are loved and appreciated.


Jonathan T. Feavel
Warm & Filled Management
207 South 4th Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
jt@77s.com www.warmandfilled.com

June 2003

From: JT FEAVEL <JT@77s.com>


In an effort to simplify the Cornerstone 2003 schedule for those of you attending, shows of interest may include:

Thursday, July 3:

Come as A Child (featuring Terry Taylor, Theo Obrastoff, Mike Roe and the Lost Dogs) on the Gallery State from 6:30 to 7:15;
Lost Dogs on the Gallery Stage from 7:30 to 8:30;
77's on the Gallery Stage from 10:00 to 11:00.

Friday, July 4:

Cornerstone 20th Birthday Bash on the Mainstage, featuring songs by the 77's, the Lost Dogs and Derri Daugherty. The show begins at 5:45 pm and all appearances are TBA the date of the show.



Still using that Swirling Eddies toothpaste? Then you'll love this - How about some of that famous Uncle Terry and Cousin Roe BBQ sauce on those chops? What's that you say? Only if Terry will flip the burgers and Roe will salt the steak? Well, then...you got it.

From August 1 through August 22, Terry and Mike will tour the country in search of the ultimate backyard BBQ Bonanza! Here is your chance to invite the guys to your block party, your private or church picnic, or your backyard bash! As our heroes travel the country in search of the ultimate burger, they'll be playing your get-together at a price that can't be beat at Big Lots. Here's the deal -- invite your friends, invite your family, mow the lawn and set out the mosquito magnet, buy the burgers and dogs, but save the sauce and the entertainment for us. Not only will Terry and Mike play the event, they'll bring their own BBQ sauce for you to sample. Yup, Terry will man not only the guitar, but also the grill. Mike will sing and play Frisbee, perhaps at the same time. What more could you ask for?!?

Book your backyard party today for the most reasonable honorarium that has been offered in years. Now's your chance to have a private party with Terry and Roe for less than what it generally costs to book one or the other. Although this will be a ton o' fun, we couldn't be more serious about this offer -- it's ridiculous and you'll save a bundle.

The guys want to have fun this summer, and they want to you to be there. What else do any of us have to do in August anyway? We'll have competitions (with great prizes) as to who can throw the best party and who can provide the best accommodations. We'll do our best to DAT record each show and provide everyone that books a show with an autographed copy of their show. We'll leave some sauce for you and the family and we'll daily post pictures of the madcapped hilarity on www.danielamos.com.

Many dates have been booked already. Please do not hesitate. Call or email today to book the Taylor and Roe summer backyard BBQ Bash and Bonanza...it's, "the most professional show in (insert your backyard here) tonight!"

Jonathan T. Feavel
Warm & Filled Management
207 South 4th Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
jt@77s.com www.warmandfilled.com

April 12, 2003

From: JT FEAVEL <JT@77s.com>


We are very pleased to inform that the first official release from the Bottom Line, home of the 77's fan club, is expected to ship within the next 2 weeks. "Guilty Pleasures," and it's just that. This collection of incredible songs was lovingly edited, compiled and completed by the Good Doctor himself -- Michael Roe. Longer and better than you expected, this is no throw away or second class experience. If you want to hear previously unreleased live songs and at least one song you've never heard before, indulge in this guilty pleasure. Club memberships are available at 77s.com.


Also, nearing completion is the first Roe's Bud release. For those of you who have not yet joined the club, it's not too late. We expect to ship the disc in June. More details available soon. To join the club or watch for more information, check out MichaelRoe.com and/or 77s.com.


Late last month, the Lost Dogs released "Nazarene Crying Towel" on BEC Records. The disc may now be ordered at www.thelostdogs.com. Organic, spiritual and acoustic, the Lost Dogs' newest recording treads the intimate paths of the spirit. Fans of recent Lost Dogs' tours will recognize many of the songs as having been introduced during the TrueAlternative shows. Showcasing the writing talents of Terry Taylor and Michael Roe, with some assistance from Derri Daugherty, "Nazarene Crying Towel" presents the Dogs' most vulnerable and personal portrait to date.

Songs include "Moses In The Desert", "Your Big Love", "Lonely Broken Heart", "Come Down Here", "Unto Thee I Cry", "Be Free", "Show Me Your Mercy Again", "Look Up Baby", "I Am", "Go Gently", "You Can Always Come Home", and "Darkest Night, Holy Night."

Listen to "Moses In The Desert" now at MP3.com!

Order your copy now at www.thelostdogs.com.

Live show and tour dates also available at www.thelostdogs.com.

Jonathan T. Feavel
Warm & Filled Management
207 South 4th Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
jt@77s.com www.warmandfilled.com