1999 Announcements

December 17, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Best Of The Lost Dogs

KMG has finally released the Best Of project featuring songs from the first two Lost Dogs albums. There is also one song from the Dogs 3rd album, a live version of "Built For Glory" and one unreleased song from the never finished Green Room Serenade, Vol. 2. Mike Roe has publically stated that KMG isn't going to pay him a dime for this project so the only way he'll see money from it is if people buy it from the Dogs when they're touring or from the store here at 77s.com.

We were also able to find some lost copies of Green Room Serenade, Vol. 1 so we now have three full length recordings by this incredible band. Since the Best Of focuses heavily on the first 2 albums you can make your Dogs collection fairly robust with just these three albums. (Although hopefully the first two albums will eventually be re-released.)

The 77s.com Christmas Sale ends on Monday night at midnight, and Veronica and I are offering a free upgrade to Priority Mail on all orders placed by then so they can hopefully make it in time for Christmas Day. If you don't order by then or want more assurance that they'll arrive in time then you can pay extra for Rush Delivery when you place your order on-line.

Merry Christmas from the 77's!


December 8, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Cornerstone '00



Warm & Filled Mgmt. is very pleased to inform that on December 7, 1999, the 77's were confirmed to play the Cornerstone 2000 Mainstage. The 77's will perform on Thursday, July 6, 2000. The Mainstage line-up for the evening will be Deliriou5, the 77's and Burlap to Cashmere. Further details to later be released by JPUSA/Cornerstone, Street Level Artist Agency and Warm & Filled Mgmt.

To purchase a limited edition copy of the 77's (Safe As Milk) live performance from Cornerstone '97, visit www.77s.com.

Jonathan T. Feavel
Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

November 29, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Christmas Sale/new Lost Dogs here!

that's right - our annual Christmas Sale is in full swing at the 77s.com on-line store! between now and 12/20/1999 you can get some freebies based on how much product your order. smaller orders will receive a free sticker and large orders will get a sticker and a free CD of "Daydream"! (a small shipping and handling charge will apply to the free CD.) surf over to http://www.77s.com/store/ to read the details and to start doing your Christmas shopping!

the other big news is that after much waiting the Lost Dogs have released their fourth full-length album entitled "Gift Horse". those of you that have come to appreciate the high level of musicianship from this supergroup will agree that it has been worth the wait. it officially doesn't go on sale until tomorrow but we've received permission to start selling it today as long as it doesn't hit your mailbox until tomorrow. (although because i'm getting this e-mail off late that would only apply to any rush orders i receive in the next few hours.)

i still haven't been able to order the Lost Dogs "Best Of" album but i'll continue making phone calls until someone will sell it to us so that we can offer it through the store. we also might be receiving a shipment of "tom tom Blues" and "Green Room Serenade, Vol. 1" and a handful of 77's shirts which i'll offer as soon as i have them. film at 11...


November 18, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Northwest U.S. Concerts this weekend!

this is just a reminder that the final portion of the 77's "EP" tour will be taking place this weekend in the northwestern part of the US:


From: "J. Eads" <jeads@pond.net>

11-19-99 the seventy sevens are coming to eugene, oregon! don't miss the first and last eugene show of the 90's!!!!

Valley Covenant Church
3636 west 18th street
eugene oregon 97402
doors open @ 8:00
show starts @ 8:30
tickets available at Amazing Grace Bible Bookstore, 541-683-8669
or through the promoter at jeads@pond.net

local artist Angie Renich will open the show, she's written some new stuff just for this show and it is sure to be great! and of course the best part is that the 77s will headline! the last time the 77s came to eugene "the lust, the flesh..." was #1 on eugene radio! seating is limited, so get your tickets now!


11/20/99 Seattle, WA - The 77's will be playing the Paradox Theatre, a new and exciting venue, in Seattle at 5510 University Way, N.E. Tickets are $15.00 and the show begins at 8:00 p.m. You may purchase tickets via Ticketmaster at 206.628.0888. Contact: Bill Pritchard (206.344.6463)


don't forget - today is 'Crank Up The Volume On "EP"' Day! :-)


November 5, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: 77's live webcast, EP lyrics, and more!

i've got quite a few news tidbits to share:

i know this is last minute, but for those that can tune in, the 77's have arranged for their Phoenix concert tomorrow night to be broadcast live on the Internet! if you have RealAudio installed you should be able to view it by pointing a web browser here: http://calvarychapel.org/live/centralphoenix.ram. more info can be found here: http://www.calvarychapel.com/centralphoenix/ (click on "live broadcast"). you can download RealPlayer here: http://www.real.com/products/player/ (notice that the top player is free and will work just fine - the second one costs money.) this is in no way affiliated with 77s.com so unfortunately i won't be able to help with any problems that may occur. if you're sure you have everything set up correctly and can access other RealAudio streams then you can try e-mailing Alan Pugh at <apugh@speedchoice.com> but he may not be able to solve any problems in time. if at all possible we'll make this concert available in the future for watching on-line but we'll have to wait and see...

the tour is going great - the guys have really enjoyed meeting lots of new and old fans. there are a few shows left if you can possibly make one: http://www.77s.com/concerts/

i've updated some of the album info pages to include more liner notes. you can view them here:
http://www.77s.com/music/77s/ep.html <--- now has full EP lyrics!!!

we also now have some new items in the 77s.com on-line store:

Happy Christmas, Vol. 2 by BEC Recordings. this various artists Christmas album has a hilarious cover of the "Chipmunk Song" by the Lost Dogs and contains many other songs by BEC artists plus Sixpence None The Richer and All Star United.

we have also arranged to carry some additional Unison Music CDs that aren't related to the 77's except that both Mike and Phil are fantastic guitar players. we now carry all four of Phil Keaggy's "Music To Paint By" series of instrumental guitar albums. if you like the 77's "Daydream" album then these will make great additions to your collection.

you can buy all these and more here: http://www.77s.com/store/.


October 15, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: some news plus Cstone 97 is here!

this is a very exciting time to be a 77's fan - they're about to tour many locations all over the country (i'll be driving from Denver to the Indiana show), their new EP is selling like crazy, we just got some new stuff in the 77's store including the live Cornerstone '97 cd (an incredible show!), and the guys have already started working on their next full-length CD.

the only bad news i have is that the Lost Dogs new release "Gift Horse" has been delayed again and has a firm release date of 11/30/1999. we'll be selling it on or before that date at the 77's store and will send out an announcement when it's available.

here are the latest list of tour dates/cities. for more info point your web browser at: http://www.77s.com/concerts/ or e-mail Jonathan: <jt@77s.com>.

  • 10/21/99 -- San Antonio, TX
  • 10/22/99 -- Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
  • 10/23/99 -- Tyler, TX
  • 10/24/99 -- Austin, TX
  • 10/26/99 -- Upland, IN
  • 10/27/99 -- Atlanta, GA
  • 10/28/99 -- Mt. Juliet, TN
  • 10/29/99 -- Dayton, OH
  • 10/30/99 -- Lancaster, PA
  • 10/31/99 -- Livonia, MI
  • 11/1/99 -- Oconomowoc, WI
  • 11/2/99 -- Springfield, IL
  • 11/3/99 -- St. Louis, MO
  • 11/4/99 -- Wichita, KS
  • 11/5/99 -- Tulsa, OK
  • 11/6/99 -- Phoenix, AZ
  • 11/19/99 -- Eugene, OR
  • 11/20/99 -- Seattle, WA

here are descriptions of the two latest additions to the 77's store:

Michael Roe & The Safe As Milk Band "Cornerstone '97"
An incredible live album featuring most of the songs on The Boat Ashore plus some surprises from tom tom Blues and the 12 song Safe As Milk albums. Regarded by many to be the greatest single concert in Cornerstone's history.

David Barton "Straight"
Mike, Mark and Bruce appear as studio musicians on this new work by Sacramento-based singer/songwriter David Barton.

the Cstone cd is a limited edition collector's item and we're expecting them to sell very quickly. if you won't be attending one of the 77's concerts above you should order one soon... if my wife and i get inundated with orders and can't get them all sent out before we leave on vacation then there will be an extra 10 day delay, but we don't leave until 10/22 so that shouldn't be an issue. don't forget we also have the 77's new 5 song "EP" and the 77's first ever instrumental album "Daydream".


September 24, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Cornerstone '97



Fools of the World and 77's Ltd., in conjunction with M8 Records and M8 Distribution, are very pleased to announce that a limited edition of the 1997 Cornerstone appearance of Safe As Milk (the 77's along with Scott Reams, Carey Avery and Michael Gregory) will be released contemporaneous with the 77's fall EP Tour. M8 Records and M8 Distribution have manufactured and will wholesale distribute the limited 2000 units of this classic live performance. Retail copies will be available through http://www.77s.com/ and at the October and November 77's performances (see the concerts page of the website for more details).

The release is almost 74 minutes in length and features songs from Safe As Milk (including The Stellazine Prophecy), the Boat Ashore and tom tom Blues. Both performance and 77s.com store sales are expected to begin on October 21, 1999 to coincide with the 77's first performance of the EP Tour. Supplies will be limited and M8 Records does not plan to repress the release.

For additional information, please contact M8 Records at www.m8.com or m8@m8.com; or Warm & Filled Mgmt. at 812.886.9230 or jt@77s.com.

Jonathan T. Feavel
Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel Law Offices -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

September 18, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Unison Music "Daydream" Now Available!

That's right - at long last the 77's first instrumental album "Daydream" has been released by Unison Music and you can now order it directly from the band through their website or at any show during their upcoming "EP Tour". All the songs on this album were written, played and recorded by Mike Roe and Mark Harmon (with one song being cowritten by Bruce Spencer). This is one album you won't want to miss - it will appeal to everyone: guitar lovers, the young and old, anybody that could use some relaxation for a change. Here's an excerpt from the albums' liner notes:

"Put aside the demands and responsibilities of life for a moment and dream. Where do you want to be in your life? Sketch out every glorious detail in your mind. Now take that first step towards making your dreams a reality."

Now in stock at http://www.77s.com/store/ along with the band's new album "EP".


August 27, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: 77's to Play Show in San Jose, CA



The Seventy Sevens will be playing a show at the Koininia Coffeehouse on Friday, September 3, 1999. Opening the set will be Sean Doty, formerly of Veil of Ashes. Sean has recently released "Unveiled," on which the 77's play as Sean's studio band. As you may know, the 77's have recently released "EP" and will be touring this fall in support thereof. The Koininia appearance is one of only two scheduled CA pre-tour shows.

Both "Unveiled" and "EP" are available at the store at http://www.77s.com/.

For information and tickets, please contact Mike Dow @ 408.226.4323.

Jonathan T. Feavel
Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

EP is now available at http://www.77s.com/.

Download the 77's new single at http://www.mp3.com/77s/.

August 19, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: 77's to play New George's in San Rafael, CA



On Thursday evening, September 2, 1999, the Seventy Sevens will be playing a full show at San Rafael's famous New George's. Some may recall that George's has a history of hosting such acts as Jerry Garcia, Huey Lewis and Van Halen.

The 77's will take the stage at approximately 9:15 p.m. and opening acts may include Scheer Energy, Shadrack and/or Thryce Denied.

A full house most likely means that the 77's will be invited back on a semi-regular basis. Also, the Sevens will be able to re-establish a Bay area presence with the strength of their new release, EP. Please attend and invite your friends.

For ticket and other information, please contact Spencer Scheer at Scheer Energy Productions (415) 491-8900. You may also reach Spencer via email at pspn@aol.com.

Hope to see you there...

Jonathan T. Feavel
Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

August 1, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: New 77's Products



We are pleased to announce that the 77s.com store now has an expanded line of 77's products.

Most importantly, we are now offering the band's new independent release "EP" for pre-sale. We're expecting these incredible 5 song CDs to arrive from the manufacturer any day now, so place your order today!

Over the past two (2) years we have received many requests for the return of the 77's bumper sticker. Three (3) stickers are now being sold: 2x9 (with new 77's logo and Seventy Sevens scripting); 2x7 (Seventy Sevens scripting only); and 2x2 (new 77's logo only). Each sticker features a black background. The logo and script are three (3) color: red, yellow and white. We already have pictures of the stickers on the website's store page. All bumper stickers will exclusively be sold at http://www.77s.com.

Additionally, a 77's steel ball-chain choker with hand-painted pewter 77's logo will be available in limited quantities within the next 10 days. The choker's small medallion is shaped in the form of the new 77's logo and each is painted with four (4) colors: black, yellow, white and silver. Again, the choker will exclusively be sold at the website's store and a picture will soon be on-line. (It may look different than the one currently there.)

And finally, we have also stumbled across an amazing find - a whole stack of unopened First Strike LPs. For those that don't know, First Strike's album "Rock of Offense" was Mike Roe's first production effort and he also helps out with background vocals. If you've been trying to hunt down this rarity this is your big chance to own a piece of history.

If you have any questions regarding the new products, please direct your inquiry to Steve Johnson

Thank you for your continued support.

Jonathan T. Feavel, Esq.

Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel Law Offices -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

July 14, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Lost Dogs to Tour in October



As earlier indicated, the Lost Dogs (Mike Roe, Terry Taylor, Derri Daugherty and Gene Eugene) are completing work on the first album of a multiple record deal which was recently signed with BEC Recordings, a division of Tooth & Nail Records. We anticipate a Fall 1999 release date for the yet untitled disc. In recent conversations, both Mike Roe and Terry Taylor have expressed great excitement about the recording.

Warm & Filled Mgmt. is now booking dates for the Dogs' ten (10) day October, 1999 acoustic tour. The first two (2) weeks of October have been set aside for the rare live performances.

If you are interested in scheduling, promoting and financial details, please contact Warm & Filled Mgmt., 207 South Fourth Street, Vincennes, IN 47591; 812.886.9230. Promotional packages will be available to interested promoters.

Confirmed tour dates will be posted at http://www.77s.com as well as certain other to be announced websites.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jonathan T. Feavel, Esq.

Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel Law Offices -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

July 8, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>



This October the 77's will tour in support of their new album, EP, which is to ship in 6-8 days. Tour dates are being scheduled for the 21st of October through the 7th of November. Specific dates are now being filled.

The 77's (Mike Roe, Mark Harmon and Bruce Spencer, along with keyboardist Scott Reams) will be performing new material from EP as well as other upcoming releases. The reintroduction of certain classic 77's tunes is also expected.

For information regarding booking a 77's date, please contact either:

Holly Benyousky
Street Level Artist Agency
106 North Buffalo Street
Suite 200
Warsaw, IN 46580


Jonathan T. Feavel
Warm & Filled Mgmt.
207 South Fourth Street
Vincennes, IN 47591

Please visit http://www.77s.com

Download the new 77's single at http://www.mp3.com/77s/.

June 28, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: 77's on mp3.com



The Seventy Sevens are now on mp3.com!  To hear the 77's new single, "Sevens," point your browser to http://www.mp3.com/77s/.  "EP" will be shipping in approximately 14 days; until then please download "Sevens" and let us know what you think.  Mp3.com also tracks the number of song downloads each day and then charts the songs by popularity.  Please share the URL with your family and friends.   "Sevens" has charted as high as #4 (of over 700 songs) in the alternative category and has camped out in the "Top 10" for the past week.  Let's push the song to #1 where it belongs.

Jonathan T. Feavel
Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel Law Offices -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

June 16, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Warm & Filled Mgmt. Release



Warm & Filled Mgmt., the business office for Mike Roe, the Seventy Sevens and Fools of the World record label, opened their new office at 207 South Fourth Street in Vincennes, IN 47591 on June 8, 1999.  The office may be reached at 812.886.9230.  In addition to reaching Jonathan Feavel regarding live performances and promoter information, interested individuals may choose from a number of voicemail messages and announcements including details on what's new with Mike and the Sevens. Promoters and venues may request promotional packages by leaving a message in the mailbox set up for their convenience.  Alternately, you may continue to reach Warm & Filled by email as set forth below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jonathan T. Feavel, Esq.

Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

June 14, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: True Tunes and the 77's EP



As most of you know by now, the 77's will very soon be releasing EP, a five (5) song, thirty (30) minute disc of all new material.  The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered and has been shipped for production.  As a result, True Tunes will have product in the very near future.

True Tunes, by virtue of bulk advance order, presently has a temporary but exclusive arrangement regarding the distribution of the disc.  Five Hundred (500) advance copies were purchased by True Tunes and they will be the exclusive purveyor of EP until either their stock sells through or ninety (90) days from the date of first sale elapse.  Presently, True Tunes has sold approximately Three Hundred (300) advance copies.  77's Ltd. is hoping that True Tunes is able to sell through their inventory by the end of July, 1999.

The Seventy Sevens are pursuing national distribution of EP as well as other upcoming Fools of the World releases.  A number of options have presented themselves for distribution through regional and national outlets.  These opportunities are separate and distinct from the distribution of Michael Roe's new ambient project SLEEPWALK through Word/Unison.  However, Warm & Filled Mngmt. will not be able to ink any distribution deal until the True Tunes exclusive has been satisfied.  As a result, I would like to encourage those of you (or those you know) interested in purchasing the 77's EP to do so through True Tunes.  You may order by mail, over the phone or online (details below).  True Tunes is selling EP for $9.99 plus $3.50 shipping & handling (for up to three copies).  Please direct all related questions to John Thompson at True Tunes.

Please know that, as always, we appreciate your continued support of all things 77's.  It is our sincere hope that you enjoy the new album while awaiting the release of the upcoming Michael Roe solo projects and the not-too-distant 77's LP.

To order EP, contact:

True Tunes
P.O. Box 5628
Aurora, IL 60507-5628
(800) 669-TRUE

Thank you.

Jonathan T. Feavel, Esq.

Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel Law Offices -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

May 25, 1999

From: Jonathan T Feavel <jt@77s.com>
Subject: The good and the bad...

First, the bad news:

  • The Houston and Austin, TX shows have been cancelled by the promoters. I was given very little information on the reasons for the cancellations; however, both promoters have informed that they are unwilling to do the show.

  • As a result, the Dallas/Ft. Worth show has been cancelled by the band. The promoter was very gracious and provided a couple of alternate arrangements to try to make the show work. However, since the original plan was to share transportation costs among three promoters, it was not proper for us to place that burden on only one promoter. Everyone should make money on these shows and that would not have been the case. We are hoping that we are able to work with the Door to reschedule the show for late summer or mid-fall.

  • As a further result, we are now establishing a policy with 77's shows that unless the requested and contractual retainer is provided to the band at least 30 days before the show, we will not play the gig. The contract will also need to be signed and returned with the retainer. It is unfortunate that in the future all bookings will be done as "business;" nonetheless, it is a necessary step to ensure that the show does go on, that the guys do not lose money on last minute cancellations and do not book tickets which are then not honored by the promoter. Bookings will now be handled by myself and Mike (Warm & Filled Mgmt.) as well as StreetLevel Artist Agency. On the West Coast we will be working with Scheer Energy Productions and will arrange for a few, select other agencies to assist with the bookings. We hope this results in (1) more shows for you to attend; (2) less promoter cancellations; and (3) greater publicity for the band.

Now the good news:

  • The Lost Dogs have been in the studio the past week recording at Gene's Green Room.

  • The Lost Dogs are optimistic about a mid-fall release of the new material.

  • Within the next few weeks we will be scheduling a 10 day, acoustic Lost Dogs mini-tour for October, 1999.

  • The Lost Dogs mini-tour will be followed by an EP mini-tour for the 77's. Shows will be scheduled for Oct/Nov.

  • We hope to begin to organize both tours with StreetLevel Artist Agency within the next few Weeks.

  • Mike has July solo dates booked and Mark Harmon may also play the shows.

  • The 77's EP, while behind schedule, is set for a mid-June release and TrueTunes has sold over 300 advance copies.

  • We are discussing possible distribution of the EP after the TrueTunes exclusive. Of course, the EP will also then be available through http://www.77s.com.

  • Mike's (and Mark's) ambient Unison recording, Sleepwalk, is scheduled for release later this year and the guys are already working on the second project.

  • A two disc "It's For You" tour compilation is being finished and is set for release on November 1, 1999 by Fools of the World.

  • Within 60 days, 77's bumper stickers in at least two sizes and designs will be available. 77's hand-painted pewter chokers will also be available in limited quantities (showcasing the new logo).

  • And, many fresh, new marketing and showcasing ideas will soon be incorporated into the management Co., the website, the recordings and the products of Mike Roe and the 77's.

As always, thanks for your support and your contributions.

Jonathan T. Feavel
Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

May 18, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Don Bown - Personal News And Request

Note from Steve:

for those of you that are new to the 77's list, this is an update from Don Bown, the 77's roadie. he used to maintain the 77's e-mail list until i moved it into the 77s.com arena so that JT and i could help keep everyone informed...


For many of you this is the first note that you've received from me in quite some time, and for that I sincerely apologize. The reasons behind the long delay are too many and sordid to get into right now, but I think it's safe to say you'll be hearing from me more often in the future (especially during the next several months, which brings me to the purpose of this particular note.)

I am hesitant to tell all of you the following, because this isn't supposed to be happening to a 32-year-old and sometimes is a cause of depression for me. However, Mike has urged me to write and share with you what is going on in my life right now.

Since Easter I have been suffering from severe pneumonia which was mis-diagnosed for almost three weeks. On my third visit to the emergency room, they finally realized it was pneumonia. My right lung was collapsed and the cavity between my lung and chest wall was nearly completely filled with infection. They admitted me into the hospital, and for a week I was in a bed with a tube inserted through my back into this cavity draining all the crud out. After much discomfort and whining they finally removed this tube and discharged me two days later with instructions to come back a week later for a CT scan and follow up.

The CT scan proved to be a major bummer. I still have a "ball" of infection the size of a grapefruit in the middle of my cavity, and a "pool" right below my lung. The tube didn't drain all of it, so now they are going to do surgery. What scares me most about this is that they may have to open up my chest if the first method of inserting a tube with a little camera on it doesn't get all of the infection out. Like I said, I'm too young to have my chest ripped open, and to be honest I'm really freaked out about the whole idea.

I'm sure that there may be things happpening to people you may know that may seem more dire than my situation right now, but I do ask that if you have a few moments between now and the 26th of this month please say a little prayer, or at least think a good thought for me. Pray that the camera gets to all the infection, and I am spared a more serious procedure.

I will be off of work for nearly two months, after a week stay in the hospital following my operation so I'm sure that I'll be on the computer quite a bit. A lot has been going on with Roe & Co. Keep the faith, 'cause I'm sure that most all of you are gonna totally dig the new EP coming out real soon, as well as Mike's instrumental album!!!!! I promise more info about the guys will be forthcoming!!

Don Bown

May 6, 1999

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Mike Roe and Gene Eugene

For reasons to numerous to list, the 77's will not be performing in the Carolinas next weekend. The Texas shows, however, are firm and tickets are now being sold at the Door and Babe's. We'll confirm a Houston show very soon.

However, on Friday night, May 14, 1999, Mike Roe will be performing in Fayetteville, NC. He will most likely have with him very special guest Gene Eugene. Gene will play keyboards during the set and, of course, many Dog's tunes will be played. This may be the only of this type of show for quite some time -- spread the word!

For details you may contact Duane Gills at (910) 864-8289 or (910) 826-8522. I understand that tickets are limited to 200.

Please support this show, the promoter has gone to great lengths to make this show happen in light of other cancellations and performance hurdles.

Jonathan T. Feavel
Sturm, Smith, Parmenter & Feavel -- feavel@wvc.net
Warm & Filled Mgmt. (Mike Roe and the 77's) -- jt@77s.com

May 3, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Sean Doty/Swing Praise/Ledfoot

ok - it's survey time. over the past six months Mike Roe and the 77's have been involved in some different side projects to help pay bills and fund the upcoming "EP" project. (which should be out very very soon!) what i need to find out is who of you would commit to buying these side projects if i were to stock up on them and sell them on-line in the 77's store. here are the details on each project and what they would sell for:

* Sean Doty "Unveiled" (i think that's the title) - this has been refered to quite often by Mike Roe as the "77's album of 1998". it features Mike, Mark and Bruce playing instruments with Sean Doty (formerly of Veil of Ashes) on lead vocals. this has some incredible stuff on it including a cover of the Rolling Stones "Sympathy For The Devil". these will be autographed by both Mike Roe and Sean Doty and sell for $19.99. very few of these will be made so they will quickly become collector's items.

* BEC Recordings "Swing Praise" - this album features Christian swing music and was put together by Gene Eugene. Mike Roe plays some guitars on the album and it would sell for $14.99. (BEC Recordings is a division of Tooth & Nail - i haven't heard this cd so i don't know much else about it.)

* Ledfoot (self-titled) - this hard rock album was produced by Mike Roe and is reminiscent of Stryper or Guardian. he can be heard prominently playing acoustic guitar on two songs. Sean Doty also did some alternate vocals on two songs. this would definitely be a unique addition to any Mike Roe collection and would cost $14.99.

if you would commit to buying one or more copies of any of these cds, then please e-mail me and let me know. as always, we would accept credit card, check, or money order. thanks!

NOTE: these aren't available from the 77's on-line store yet - i'm trying to see how much demand there would be first. the cds would probably be available in the next couple of weeks, possibly at the same time as the new 77's album so you can order things together and save on shipping costs.


April 7, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Mike Roe's top ten list

i know we usually are sending out messages about new product or about concerts so i thought i'd send out something a little more on the fun side. Mike just faxed me the following to hopefully be used in a future magazine article, but i thought it would be very interesting to all of his Internet fans as well.

Mikey's Top 10 List

1. Undercurrent ~ Bill Evans/Jim Hall
- this is my favorite record - PERIOD. excellent at bedtime...

2. Jerry Lee Lewis Live At The Starclub
- live rock-n-roll doesn't get better than this

3. The King of Rock and Roll - The Original 50's Masters ~ Elvis Presley
- studio rock-n-roll doesn't get better than this

4. American Beauty ~ Grateful Dead
- it's impossible to listen to this and stay in a bad mood

5. Jazz at Oberlin ~ Dave Brubeck Quartet
- this is simply amazing ... and nearly 50 years old!

6. 24 Classic Original Recordings ~ Dave Brubeck Trio
- ditto!

7. My Favorite Works ~ Andres Segovia
- the master at work!

8. Only the Lonely ~ Frank Sinatra
- scary - this man owns these songs in every way except the copyrights

9. Tusk ~ Fleetwood Mac
- i still hope to make one that feels like this one...

10. Holland ~ The Beach Boys
- how can i pick this over Pet Sounds? i dunno - i just love this album!


April 2, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Deep Blue Sea

hey y'all,

the 77's are almost done with their new EP!!!! i know most of you are as anxious to hear this new album as i am, but the wait is almost over. you'll soon be able to order it on-line from True Tunes or from the 77's on their upcoming "EP Tour". Jonathan will send out a message about the tour once all the dates are finalized or you can get a sneak preview on the 77's concerts page.

Mike Roe also wanted me to announce that after much waiting, the new Perry and the Poorboys album "Deep Blue Sea" has been released. we're selling it for them on the Internet in the 77's store. Mike is all over this album "like a cheap suit" - he even appears in a picture on the back of the CD. as usual, Mike produced the entire CD and helped with guitars and vocals. and for the first time, Mike and Perry cowrote two songs together: Reason and We Live Inside. he said that fans will probably start asking Mike to put these two songs on his next solo album... another interesting fact about this album is that Gene Eugene (of Adam Again) makes a guest appearance and also mixed the album in the famous Green Room.

Have a great Easter!


March 12, 1999

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Strawmen demo song samples

a few months ago David Leonhardt mailed me a demo of the upcoming Strawmen album and asked if i could put some song samples up on the website for everyone to check out. after much procrastinating, i've finally done it! here's some more in-depth information about the album from the Strawmen's own Bill Harmon.

if you have connections with a record company and would like to sign the Strawmen so they can release this album in it's entirety, i'm sure Bill would love to hear from you! you can contact him at "bill@77s.com".


To whom we hope it will concern:

The 77's website now has samples from our unreleased and unfinished Strawmen demo here.

BUT WAIT!! DON'T CLICK JUST YET!! You are required to read certain disclaimers and agreements before you download anything. Steve Johnson has written a sneaky little CGI script that can tell if you've read the following excuses, uh I mean standard disclaimers, and if you haven't you will end up with multiple copies of Homer and Jethro's version of Heartbreak Hotel all over your hard disk.

Standard Disclaimers, Excuses, and Pathetic Justifications

1.. It ain't done yet.
2.. It ain't mixed yet.
3.. It ain't got all the guitar parts on it yet.
4.. It ain't got all the vocal parts on it yet.
5.. It ain't got all the percussion parts on it yet.
6.. The bass parts are done! (big surprise)
7.. It ain't making any money yet.
If you can stomach all of the above then you are free to click here. If not, hit the back button on your browser and you will be whisked back from whence you came.

Seriously, we are "in process" on this project with no definite end in sight, so we thought you might like to hear what the Strawmen are up to after all these years. The audio files are snippets from 5 of 12 songs that will be on the CD. They are very rough mixes but it will give you some idea of the direction our songwriting has taken in the last 10 years. (Yep, its been 10 years since At Home was recorded). Let us know what you think. Positive comments can be sent to me while negative comments can be mailed privately to Dave : ). Thanks for your continuing interest in Strawmen tunes. Hope to see you somewhere live in the not-too-distant future. . .that would really be fun.



March 2, 1999

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Mike Roe Tour Dates



March 20, 1999: Caseville, MI. Private show.

March 21, 1999: Vincennes, IN. Tickets on sale for $10.00. Seating limited to 77 individuals. Performance to be held at Purgatory in Downtown Vincennes. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Joseph Wolford will open and Mike will take the stage at approximately 8:30 p.m. Contact Jonathan (JT) Feavel at (812) 886-4637 for tickets and information.

March 22, 1999: Philadelphia, PA. Live performance on WZZD radio. See below for subsequent show details.

March 23, 1999: Philadelphia, PA. Mike will be playing at the Christian Cinema. Tickets now on sale for $9.90; golden circle limited seating tickets for $13.00. This show is sponsored and promoted by WZZD radio. Mike will be performing live on the WZZD morning show on 3/23/99. Contact Greg Smith at (610) 828-6965 for tickets and information.

March 24, 1999: Lavonia (Detroit), MI. Mike will be performing at the Trinity Theatre. All information regarding tickets, venue, directions to theatre, etc. may be directed to Bill Keith at either (734) 416-7723 or (248) 446-8290.

March 25, 1999: Kent, OH. Mike will be playing at Kent State University. Weather permitting, this will be an outdoor performance in the University's Plaza. In the event of poor weather, the show will be held in the Music Listening Center. The show is FREE to the public and to students. This is a mid-day show and will begin at 11:00 a.m. and will continue until 1:00 p.m. For information please contact Mike Prewitt at (330) 672-4600.

March 26, 1999: Fairfield (Cincinnati), OH. Mike will be playing a coffeehouse show at the Tri-County Assembly of God youth annex building. Doors to open at 7:00 p.m. and the performance to begin at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale for $5.00. For tickets and information, please contact Josh Hauser at (513) 874-8575.

March 27, 1999: We are presently working to confirm a Fayetteville, NC show. In the event the show confirms, we will send out a separate mailing with details on this performance.

April 9, 1999: Portland, OR. Mike will be playing the Floor w/ Phil Keaggy. Mike will open the show. The performance will be held at the Sunset Presbyterian Church (Cornell exit from Hwy 26). Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are now on sale for $12.00 advance; $10.00 for groups of 5 or more. For details and tickets, please call Jenn Manning at (360) 260-9139.



For latest details go to http://www.77s.com/.

Jonathan T. (JT) Feavel
jt@77s.com or feavel@wvc.net

January 18, 1999

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: 77's touring in April!


The SEVENTY SEVENS will tour nationally from Friday, April 9, through Sunday, April 24, 1999. The tour is planned to culminate with MIKE ROE solo shows and a SEVENTY SEVENS performance at GMA week in Nashville, TN. The SEVENTY SEVENS will tour with very special guests yet to be announced. Presently, Ashley Cleveland, Honey and others have expressed an interest in touring with the SEVENTY SEVENS. New material is expected to be released by the SEVENTY SEVENS to coincide with this tour. In the event you, your organization, club, etc. are interested in booking a SEVENTY SEVENS tour date, please contact JT Feavel at (812) 886-4637 or by email. Further details are available to interested promoters. Promotional packets, checklists, riders and assistance are available to promoters confirming a tour date. Tour details to be released as available.


January 14, 1999

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Mike Roe to Tour in March


Mike Roe, solo artist and singer/songwriter/guitarist for the legendary 77's will once again embark on a series of solo performance dates. Roe plans to tour the Midwest and region from Friday, March 19 through Sunday, March 28, 1999. Certain performance dates have already been secured for Southern Indiana and Central Ohio. In the event you, your organization, club, etc. are interested in booking a Mike Roe solo performance, please contact JT Feavel at (812) 886-4637 or by email at jt@77s.com. Further details available to interested promoters. Promotional packets, checklists, riders and assistance are available to promoters confirming a tour date. Recorded performances may appear on the "It's For You" compilation to later be released. Due to other demands, including recording projects for solo and 77's efforts, 77's festival performances and tour dates, Roe will not likely hit the road again until late fall or early winter '99.

Please visit http://www.77s.com/ for up-to-date information on Mike's tour schedule.


January 11, 1999

From: Mike Roe <mike@77s.com>

Dear Folks,

It has come to my attention that there are many naysayers and doubting Thomas's about who would relegate the Sevens to the outermost regions of pop music's geriatric ward-- that we are washed up, old hat, crazy, burned out or worse. The simple fact is this -- good things take time. Heck, U2 takes three or four years between albums, and we are way better than them! Seriously though, we are in the midst of completing our John the Baptist -- a five song EP of tracks heralding the advent of an all new album hopefully later this year.

We are doing it independently (ie. with our own moolah) so inevitably this is more costly and time consuming. However, the advantages are complete artistic freedom equaling pure Sevens expression for YOU the fans. Additionally, Mark and I are deep inside production of the first in a series of four instrumental ambient albums for Unison Music. These will all be simultaneously released hopefully this fall. I am also winding up production tasks on the new Sean Doty/Unveiled project. Sean finally got his wish -- to replace me in my own group. What a scam! (I think you are all going to like this record.)

And last but not least, Gene Eugene just finished mixing my third production project with Canada's Perry and the Poor Boys entitled Deep Blue Sky. This may be the best Perry project of all. And as always, I play, sing, and write all over it like a cheap suit.

This year should also see the band on the road in the spring with the usual smattering of my solo shows throughout the year in various and sundry locations.

In short, thanks for your continued interest and prayers. We are not dead yet - Just busy!

Your pal,

Mike Roe

P.S. The much awaited It's For You live album has been temporarily put on ice until all this other stuff is finished. It WILL come out. This isn't a matter of if, but when. Please be patient. If you think YOU'RE frustrated...