1998 Announcements

December 21, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: 77's hats are in!

well after much waiting, the brand new 77's hats are finally available! we have plenty in stock for late Christmas presents. ;-) to see what they look like just go to the 77's on-line store. the hats are black, not dark grey as the picture may suggest - i'll put up a better picture soon. it's unlikely we could get any to you by Christmas Day even if you do a rush order, but you can definitely get them by early next week if you order soon. http://www.77s.com/store/

we hope you enjoyed the 77's Christmas Surprise. i'll leave it up for a while longer. http://www.77s.com/

for those of you that sent in a Christmas gift to the 77's, they were extremely surprised and very grateful. Mike basically said "Words can't express how deeply thankful I am." he wanted me to assure everyone that all of this money will be used specifically for getting a new project into your hands as soon as they can. (also - thanks to JT for organizing this surprise!)


December 15, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Q and A with the 77's

is there some nagging question that you've been wanting to find out from the 77's? right now is your chance to get that question or questions answered! we're now taking submissions from the fans for Mike, Mark and Bruce to look through and answer. send any questions you have to "questions@77s.com".

feel free to ask the typical questions like "when's the next album coming out?", but we'd also like to see some more interesting ones like "what exactly does Stella mean?" or "what's the greatest concert experience you've had on stage?" or "Mark - what's your favorite rock-a-billy album?"

also - i said i'd let everyone know when the Large 77's Logo shirts were available and we have them in stock now! we have Large and Extra-large in both the black and white styles. if you need to order a combination of colors/styles of that shirt in a single order, then just make sure the quantity is correct (so the pricing will be calculated correctly) and make note of exactly what you need in the "shipping comments" section of the ordering process. thanks and sorry for any confusion! http://www.77s.com/store/


December 3, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: It's Christmastime already!

Merry Christmas everyone! well, maybe i'm a little early, but that's because i want to encourage everyone that's going to give the gift of music to put in their 77's orders as soon as you can! that's especially important for anyone that still doesn't trust Internet shopping and needs to mail in a check or money order. if i receive your order after 12/18 then you probably won't get it back in time for Christmas morning...

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Mike has just authorized me to make a special offer for any on-line orders made between today and 12/18/98 that have a merchandise total over $40 - you will get a whopping 15% off your merchandise total!!! this offer is only good for a few more weeks so plan ahead to make sure you get your cds/shirts before Christmas day! this only applies to orders made on-line (with a credit card) that have a merchandise total over $40 and the 15% off will only apply to merchandise, not shipping/handling or extra rush order fees. to start shopping now, point your web browser at: http://www.77s.com/store/.

now for the bad news - "More Miserable" and "Sticks and Stones" have gone out of print. the band may try to put them back in print, but it definitely won't happen until next year or later (unless we stumble across any that we don't know about). i do have 4 copies of Sticks & Stones left that i will sell to whoever has the best sob story about why they need them for either their 77's collection or as a gift to a budding 77's fan. send your story directly to me. you must use a credit card to purchase these ($7.99 plus shipping) because i don't have time to track down whether you've mailed in a check yet. (don't send your credit card number with your story - we'll work out payment options after you've been selected.) we're also dangerously low on "More Miserable t-shirts" so if you haven't picked one up yet you better hurry.

NEW PRODUCTS! if you haven't noticed we now have several new items in the 77's store since the last time i announced any changes. most importantly we have the new 77's shirts in stock! they're available in black or white, but i only have XL stocked currently. i'll send out a reminder announcement when i have size L available. you'll also see that we now have the long-awaited "tom tom Blues" and "The Boat Ashore" in stock on-line for the first time. lastly, we also have several new "related artist" cds in stock: Shadrach's first album and Perry and the Poor Boys first two albums. the website has full descriptions of these albums including track lists and lyrics. NOTE: this first batch of white 77's logo shirts has a silver logo on the back. all future printings will have a black logo instead. so if you collect rare 77's items, get these special white t-shirts now before i run out!

i know this is a lot of info, but i want to make sure everyone is aware of all the new items we have in the 77's on-line store. feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.


p.s. for an extra special gift i have a couple of rare Flevo cds for auction. contact me directly if you want to bid on one. you can read about the Flevo compilation here: http://www.77s.com/music/singles/flevo_vol1.html. i might also have one copy of the original orange issue of "88" available - contact me for info.

October 28, 1998

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: November tour dates

Mike Roe and the 77's will be playing a number of shows in November. Hopefully, you'll be able to make one or more of the following:

11/7/98: Laramie, WY. The 77's will be playing the University of Wyoming. For information contact Eric Anderson at (307) 742-0529 or Steve Johnson;

11/13/98: Tempe, AZ. The 77's will be playing a show at The Mill Avenue Sport Rock Cafe. For information contact Greg Johnson at (602) 841-5677;

11/14/98: Mesa, AZ. Mike Roe will be playing a solo show at the Power House. For information contact Greg Johnson at (602) 841-5677 or call (602) 841-0658;

11/19/98: Charlotte, NC. Mike Roe will be playing a solo show at Forest Hills Church. For information contact David Elkins at (704) 568-6384 or Chris Osborn at (704) 350-7473;

11/20/98: Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. Mike Roe will be playing a solo show at the Door. For information contact Russell Hobbs at (214) 742-3667;

11/21/98: Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. The 77's will be playing a show at the Door. For information contact Russell Hobbs at (214) 742-3667;

11/22/98: Brunswick (Macon), GA. Mike Roe will be playing a solo show at Vineyard Christian Fellowship. For information contact Tommy Sellers at (912) 280-9782; and

11/28/98: Dominican Republic. The 77's will be playing an outdoor/festival show in the DR. For information contact Jethro Guiertez at (809) 567-4653 or (809) 566-1477 or you can fax him at (809) 686-5044.

Additional information on each show is found on the concerts page of http://www.77s.com/.

As always, if you are interested in booking either Mike Roe or the 77's, please feel free to call me at (812) 886-4637.


October 12, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Brian Heydn's artwork

a few weeks ago i received a package in the mail of an incredible rendition of the 77's that i now have hanging in my office. i can barely express how cool it is to have something this well done to look at throughout the day. as a favor to Brian and now to some of you, i've helped him set up a page so that you can look at some of the different drawings he's done over the past few years to express his gratitude to the 77's and those of us that help run the 77's "business". below is a short blurb describing his services. if you don't recognize Brian's name, he's the same person that has designed several items for the 77's lately including the upcoming 77's tour t-shirt. note - make sure you check the pricing guidelines before sending any photographs...


Graphite Pencil Drawings (black & white) done in the style of photo realism. Send your favorite photographs of family, friends - basically pretty much anything (with good taste, of course) and a drawing will be composed. All photos need to be copyright free, unless permission is given to use copyrighted photographs (proof of such will need to be submitted). These drawings can turn your average photos into classic works of art. For more information, click here. Here you will find examples of these types of drawings, along with a Composition Example and a Pricing Guide for all drawings. If you are interested in having a graphite pencil drawing done, contact me at brian@77s.com or write me at:

Artist * Brian Heydn
7000 N. Buckingham Sq. #300C
Columbia, MO 65202-6006

These type of drawings make great gifts and keepsakes for years to come - just ask Steve, JT and Don.

September 25, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: new items in 77's store

howdy 77's fans here there and everywhere...

well, as promised, the 77's store did get in a new shipment of Word cds, including Sticks and Stones, Pray Naked, and (for the first time) Drowning With Land In Sight. now we'll start looking into getting items like The Boat Ashore and tom tom Blues in the store so that you can purchase almost the entire collection on-line (that are in print). http://www.77s.com/store/

you also might notice that we have another new item in the store: Michael Miller's "Lifeboat Into Mighty" CD. i put up a page describing this new album, but the important thing to note is that Mike Roe plays bass guitar and Bruce Spencer plays drums. i'm sure that all of the die-hard fans reading this will want to pick it up to add to their collection of 77's related material, and others may just want to hear Mike and Bruce in a little different setting. Michael Miller's e-mail address is on the description page: http://www.77s.com/music/mike_roe/michaelmiller_lifeboat.html.

for those that haven't asked yet, yes we did sell the last of the Boot Level cds (technically it was the second printing of Boot Level 2) and there are no plans on reprinting it at this time. i'll be sure to let you know of any other developments.

also, many of you were praying for Mike over the past week as he was waiting to hear about his Word record contract and as JT pointed out yesterday, God answered above and beyond all expectations. thanks for your prayers! (i can't wait until the first album comes out!!!)

and lastly, JT also updated the concerts page yesterday with several new concerts so if you're lucky enough to live near Phoenix, Charlotte SC, Dallas/Ft. Worth, or in the Dominican Republic or Germany then you should definitely check the page for updates/new concerts. http://www.77s.com/concerts/ (JT has some other shows in the works in other cities, so you may want to keep an eye on that page anyway...)


September 24, 1998

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Yuppy Hot Tub Music!


We are very pleased to announce that Michael Roe has just inked a four (4) album contract with WORD Entertainment and Unison Records. Roe has negotiated a four (4) album contract with Word's new Unison division which specializes in those "Ambient/New Age/Yuppy Hot Tub Music" sections you may see in major department stores. All four (4) albums are to be written, recorded, produced and prepared by Michael Roe. Release dates are unknown at this time.

For the projects, Mike may be collaborating with not only Mark and Bruce (of the 77's), but also Dave Leonhardt, Derri Daugherty & Gene Eugene: a veritable cornucopia of 77's members, alumni and associates. According to Roe, "[i]f i'm not collaborating, what's the point?" As fans are aware, Roe enjoys working with his many friends on various projects.

Additionally, Phil Keaggy has recently released "Music To Paint By" on Unison; as such there will be some "heavies" Mike can consider "label mates". Further details will be released as they become available.

For more information on Michael Roe and the 77's, please visit http://www.77s.com/. For booking information, please contact JT Feavel at (812) 886-4637, or by fax at (812) 886-0786.


September 3, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: New items at 77's store!

i'm pleased to announce that the 77's store has just been expanded to include the following items:
  • Pray Naked
  • Sticks & Stones (special price!)
  • Boot Level
  • More Miserable T-shirt
come and get them before we run out! http://www.77s.com/store/

i also wanted to announce that i just finished putting up song samples from every single song on The Box Set. you can link to them from the Store or from the Multimedia Sounds page.


September 3, 1998

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: How much would you pay for...

About a year ago, our friend Brook (he's a guy) Sizemore informed our list that he would pay good money for just about anything related to Mike Roe and/or the 77's. Brook then let us know that he'd even buy post-it note pads if they were hand-numbered and autographed by Mike. ;-)

Now, I'm not picking on Brook...I'm just using that as a lead to ask you this question:


*The* 77's set list from the "Pray Naked" tour, hand-written on a frisbee which the guys tossed on the tour (while not using it for the set list). ;-)

*The* boots Mike wore on just about every album (including the cover of "88" and the back of "Pray Naked").

*Original* audio masters of various 77's and Mike Roe recording projects (in studio and between takes).

*Original* hand-written song lyrics.




Just curious... :-)


September 1, 1998

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Mike in November

UPDATE: As you may know, Mike Roe will be touring in November, 1998. Mike will be touring solo and the shows will be intimate and personal. Presently, Mike plans to kick off the November shows in Phoenix, AZ and will then hit the East Coast (NY through SC), possibly Texas or Florida and then back to the Mid-West. The Tour dates are November 13, 1998, through November 24, 1998.

Open dates are still available; however, they are filling up quickly. Mike is particularly interested in playing in Texas and along the Northern East Coast. If you would like to book a show, or know someone who is, please do not hesitate to drop me an email note or to call at (812) 886-4637.

The November tour will be an excellent opportunity to catch some of the new material which Mike is presently writing and recording.

Also, the 77's will be touring in Feb/March of 1999. Dates will soon begin to book. Other acts will tour with the 77's and will be confirmed soon.



July 14, 1998

From: Don Bown <don@77s.com>
Subject: Sad News (Marc Kielich)

It is my sad duty to announce the passing of our good friend Marc Kielich. He died two days ago 7/12/98 at 6 A.M., after a long struggle with a brain tumor.
On behalf of his family, I ask that you continue to pray for his wife Dawn and daughter Julie.
All condolences should be sent to Marc c/o The 77's, P.O. Box 1441, Citrus Heights, CA 95611......

Although we may be very saddened by his passing, the angels are rejoicing to receive such a great and modest man....God Bless you Marc!

Don Bown

July 2, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: www.77s.com/store is now open!

well, after months of preparation, the 77's have finally opened their new on-line store to the public! we're starting out small at first, but as orders increase we hope to have the full catalog of items available for you to purchase with your credit card. we've tried to make this the easiest and fastest method available for ordering 77's CDs and we hope you enjoy it! point your browser at http://www.77s.com/store/ to try it out...

in other news, the 77's website was recently awarded first place in the TLeM's survey of the top Christian music websites! that's right - we beat out every single other Christian music site out there... you can see for yourself at http://tlem.netcentral.net/features/tlem/1997/23.html. thanks for your support!

in addition to building the 77's on-line store, i've been doing some other behind the scenes work on 77s.com. the announcements that are sent to this mailing list are now stored in a database which you can access on the What's New page. that means that as soon as an announcement is sent to the list it also gets put on the What's New page. this will alleviate the ever-present question "Steve, why haven't you updated the 77's site in 4 months?" :-)

i've also spent quite a bit of time doing some housecleaning on certain areas of the site, including the lyrics pages. we should now have lyrics up for pretty much every song the 77's or Mike Roe have released including "Five In The Nave"! i also moved the concerts page into a database so that JT can keep that page up-to-date by himself. if you go to the Store or the Multimedia pages on the site you'll probably notice that we now have song samples from every song on Safe As Milk, More Miserable, and Echos O' Faith. once we have more disk space i'll eventually have song samples from every song they've ever recorded!

i also have lots of plans for the future including complete discographies for each band member (even the one that was sent out about Mike in a newsletter has several things missing) complete with pictures of each album. (as soon as i'm done collecting them all... only 18 more to go! :-) ) if you have any other ideas for how to make the 77's site better and more informative, please drop me a line. i'd also like to talk to any graphic designers that would like to make a name for themselves in the website design business because it's been quite awhile since the site has had an artist's touch...


May 18, 1998

From: Don Bown <don@77s.com>
Subject: New Newsletter On Web Page!

I am PROUD to announce that the final stage in the completion of the latest newsletter is done!

Web Stud, Steve Johnson has "webbified" the newest "Fools Of The World" and is available for you to check out online! Click on "What's New" at http://www.77s.com and check it out!!!!

As a side note, I neglected to give the url for "Warehouse Ministries", the place where The 7's got their start, and where Mark Tootle is Music Director...........it's http://www.wcmonline.org...........it's just getting started, but I thought some of you may want to check it out........

The next issue will be out this fall and will have a whole new look!!!! You will soon become familiar with the name of Brian Heydn, another "fool" and a FANTASTIC artist. He will be the graphics layout guy for the newsletter from now on. I think that you all will be very pleased with the new look.........it's a new start in many ways.......more later.

Don Bown

April 15, 1998

From: Don Bown <don@77s.com>

Sorry for the short notice folks, but this all fell together rather suddenly........

This Friday night 4/17/98 history WILL be made as far as the history of The 77's goes.

In downtown Sacramento at Cafe Paris on the corner of 24th & K Street, The Seventy Sevens will hold a concert. Show time at 9-10PM. It will be a very loose set, but that's not the historic point to all of this. What's so special about this Friday night is who will be sitting behind the drum kit......none other than "The Original Rocker" himself Mr. Mark Proctor!!!!!!!

After a 14 year absense, Mark makes a cameo appearance with Mike and Mark Harmon this Friday night and will go through many old classics as well as tackling a few new ones. This will be a night not to miss if there is ANY way for you to be there!

There is a small cover.....$5 I believe.

We can't let this go by without somehow recording it, so one will be made. Whether or not it will be worth releasing is debatable, as I'll be the engineer for this one......yikes!

Anyway, hope to see some of you "7's Heads" there!!

Don Bown

Not to bring the mood down, but....

P.S. For those of you who have sent us requests as to the status of Marc Kielich, he has rallied and has been semi-conscious for the last week. It has been an agonizing thing for his family. Please keep him in your prayers. It really is just a matter of time now, and we leave it all in God's hands......


March 30, 1998

From: Don Bown <don@77s.com>
Subject: Newsletter Financial News

Hello All,

Well, the newsletter is DONE and many of you have already received it, many of you have not, and there is a reason for it.

When we first started putting out the newsletter, we asked that people send in donations of $5 or $10 to help defray the costs of printing and postage. We got a good response from it, and many of you did send in some money to help cover costs. However, many of you have not sent in anything. (Mostly those of you who signed up for the mailing list via the web page and email......there are hundreds of you!!!!!)

Those of you who have not received the newsletter in your mailbox, consider sending a few bucks the band's way to help pay for the postage for all of them......the old address applies......P.O. Box 1441, Citrus Heights, CA 95611.....

Thank you in advance!!!

Don Bown

March 26, 1998

From: Don Bown <don@77s.com>
Subject: Marc Kielich

Hello everyone,

Wish I was the bearer of good news, but unfortunately things aren't exactly sunny out here in Sacramento.

Most of you have probably already heard about Marc Kielich, a good friend of Mike and the band who has been struggling with brain cancer. Last night Marc slipped into a coma at home. The doctors gave him six months to live about two weeks ago, so he and his family decided that he would stay at home and die there.

This is really hard for me to write about this, so I will just be blunt about everything.......he did come out of the coma for a brief period last night, and was speaking of God and how he was ready to go. He has been battling seizures, and the loss of many of his faculties, which has been undescribably hard on his wife, child and family.

Many of you have been praying for him, and his family GREATLY appreciates it. Unfortunately, their prayers have shifted to "God, if we can't expect a healing, PLEASE take him without any more suffering". I can't help but weep over everything this guy has been through, and how his faith NEVER waivered. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. It doesn't look good at all, and we ask that he be spared any more suffering.........

God Bless all,
Don Bown

March 25, 1998

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: 77's gig

Don't know how this one got overlooked (perhaps the schedule change), but the 77's will be in Chico, CA this Sunday, March 29, 1998, for a 3:00 p.m. afternoon show. The show will be at Chico Veteran's Hall and tics are $7.77 advance/$8.77 at the door. Roger Bonham is the contact/promoter and may be reached at (530) 894-1441 or (530) 342-1172.

Jonathan T. Feavel
jt@77s.com or feavel@wvc.net

"Our ideas of perfect are so imperfect." Sam Phillips

March 19, 1998

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: 77's Road Trip (aka You Gotta Move)

The 77's are on the move, here are the dates so far:

5/19/98 -- St. Louis area (I need a local promoter or promoters to contact me in the event they are interested in the show, a venue has been secured);

5/20/98 -- Vincennes, IN (more information to be posted w/i the week; tickets will soon go on sale for $8.00. The Exalted and Joe's Aching Back (2 local groups) will open for the 77's) For now, contact JT @ jt@77s.com for information; This show is confirmed.

5/21/98 -- Columbus, OH (details within the week); This show is confirmed.

5/22/98 -- Ft. Wayne, IN (general area) (details within the week). This show should be confirmed by 3/20/98.

5/23/98 -- Dayton, OH (details within the week); This show is confirmed.

Also, Mike will be playing the Tomfest on August 30, 1998 at 8:45 - 9:30 p.m.

The 77's and Mike Roe will have a product/get to know the boys table at GMA in Nashville in April.

For those in the Dominican Republic, we are busy about confirming a late July, early August show or shows. Everything has been confirmed but the date. We'll let you know soon...

Mike will be in Atlanta on July 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 -- stay tuned...


The 77's in Germany in December? We're working on it. International shows are possible, if interested, let us know.

Mike will be back on the road doing solo gigs either the first of May or the first of June -- call or email to book a date.

And look for the 77's ad in the GMA issue of HM magazine. Should hit the stands soon...

Jonathan T. Feavel
jt@77s.com or feavel@wvc.net

"Our ideas of perfect are so imperfect." Sam Phillips

March 3, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: March concerts

well, it's been awhile since the last announcement but trust me - plenty is brewing below the surface here at 77's Ltd. but for now i just want to get the word out about some upcoming California concerts that Mike and JT are pretty stoked about.



From: Mike Ward <mikew@planetmac.com>

SACRAMENTO SHOW. Saturday 3/7/98 - Highway 50 east of downtown Sac. Get off on the Power Inn exit. Make a right(south) on Power Inn. Make a right(west) on Folsom Blvd. Show is at 7322 Folsom Blvd. at Sacramento Calvary Chapel (about a mile down on the left). Cost is $10.00 donation and all proceeds goto the Union Gospel Rescue Mission. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and show starts at 7:30 sharp. This is an acoustic show. Michael Gregory, featured on "..the Boat Ashore", will open the show. Completely amazing guitarist.


From: JT <jt@77s.com>

77's Gigs:
* 3/13/98 -- 77's at the Koinania Coffeehouse in Campbell, CA (contact Mike Dow) Number to soon be provided. In the meantime, please call information.
* 3/14/98 -- Scotts Valley, CA -- private show for Camp Redwood Glen/Salvation Army
* 3/29/98 -- Chico, CA at Calvary Chapel (3:00 p.m. show) contact Roger Bonhomme at (530) 699-2960 (pager) or (530) 342-1172 (home).

Other shows are in the works and Dayton, OH and Northern IN April shows are likely. Look for national adds to run in HM, 7-Ball and similar magazines letting promoters know that Mike and the 77's are accepting performance dates, to check out the website, etc.

Want the 77's or Mike to play your town? Just let me know!


January 23, 1998

From: JT <jt@77s.com>
Subject: Let's Give Mike Our Support

For those of you who have not (or cannot) recently check the concerts page on http://www.77s.com/, the following is Mike's current tour schedule. If at all possible, make it to one or more of these shows and take a friend or two along. I'd like to see Mike play to the audiences he deserves -- large ones! The promoters have done a good job getting the word out, but it never hurts to have *everyone* talking about the shows. Feel free to repost this message anywhere appropriate. And, as always, thanks for your help and support -- hope to see you at the show...Btw, this may be the last chance, for a while, to see Mike solo -- we will soon be gearing up to bring you the 77's and solo dates may be harder to fill.

1/23/98 -- Caseville, MI (Private show)

1/24/98 -- Belle Mead, NJ (contact Jim O'Dell @ (732) 828-1341 or the Coffee and Cream Cafe @ (908) 281-7202)

1/25/98 -- Ft. Wayne, IN (contact Aaron Holingshead @ (219) 471-0828 or Graceshakers Coffeehouse @ (219) 422-4742)

1/27/98 -- Terre Haute, IN (contact Donna Dene Foy @ (812) 535-5141 or Indiana State University/Baptist Student Union (please call information))

1/29/98 -- Franklin/Nashville, TN (contact Graeme Ash @ Jammin' Java (615) 591-4888)

1/30/98 -- Bowling Green, KY (contact Cory Boston @ (502) 745-2188 or the Western Kentucky University Baptist Student Union @ (502) 781-3185)

1/31/98 -- Lexington, KY (contact Candida Sawyers @ (606) 887-8897 or the Asbury College Grill @ ASBURY COLLEGE (please call information))

Jonathan T. Feavel
jt@77s.com or feavel@wvc.net

January 5, 1998

From: Don Bown <don@77s.com>
Subject: '98 and The 77's

Hello everyone!

Hope that each of you had a Christmas full of blessings and good cheer! May the New Year bring great things to all of you.

I sincerely apologize that it has been soooo long since you've heard from me. Thank God for JT. If he and Mike hadn't been in such close contact, you might never have gotten any news about the band or Mike's touring plans. We've had a lot go on out here in Sacramento, unfortunately most of it has touched me or affected me personally in one way or another. The prayers many of you have sent my way have been a tremendous help and I thank you very much!

Enough of that, now on to band news!

For those of you waiting on orders to be shipped....I promise that you'll get them sent to you in time to enjoy the New Year with.

We've gotten many requests from you guys asking to put a certain song from the "It's For You" Tour on the upcoming "It's For You" tour CD. Mike and I have HOURS of DATs to sift through....guess what I'll be doing while the guys are in the studio?...listening to the tour! We'd LOVE to have this CD out by Valentine's, but that is really being optimistic at this point. Let's say early Spring release.

Speaking of the guys in the studio....1998 WILL be the year for a new 77's studio release!!! As you've heard, the boys are gonna be doing this a bit at a time with their own money. There's no record deal in the works, nor unfortunately much interest in the band. BUT that will change once the guys release something on their own. I've been to a few rehearsals in which they've tried some new material, and I can't wait for them to put it all on tape. The goal is to have a new 77's CD available this summer sometime.

The new newsletter is practically done. Just waiting on a few revisions from those involved. It will be out by mid-January. All interviews! With Mark Proctor, Mark Tootle, and Mark Harmon. Mark my words! It is a good issue!

Mark Harmon and I will be working diligently here very soon getting the mailing list completed and ready to get everyone psyched up for the new album. There are THOUSANDS of you 7's Heads out there, and it's a herculean task getting it organized. Believe me, I've been working on it for 2 years (albeit off and on during that time).

OH, How could I forget the VIDEO SPECTACULAR that will be out very soon...77's VIDEOS, CONCERT FOOTAGE, WOW!

Gonna be a great year, 1998! Keep your eyes and ears open for a lot from the band this coming year!

Until next time........

Don Bown

January 5, 1998

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Concerts update

JT just sent me some updated concert listings, and i thought i should send them out ASAP before i put them on the website...



1/23/98 -- Michigan (I forget the city, but it's a private show for a guy by the name of Mike Pobanz)
1/24/98 -- NJ (This is the Jim O'Dell show which you have on the concerts page)
1/25/98 -- Ft. Wayne, IN -- Graceshakers Coffeehouse; contact Aaron Holligshead at (219) 422-4742 or (219) 471-0828. Tickets are limited.
1/26/98 -- Clarkston/Detroit, MI (unconfirmed to date)
1/27/98 -- Ontario, Canada (contact Todd Valade at (519) 436-0123 for details)
1/28/98 -- Nashville, TN (Jammin' Java -- contact Graeme at (615) 591-4888)
1/29/98 -- Same as above, second show
1/30/98 -- Bowling Green, KY (contact Cory Boston at (502) 745-2188)
1/31/98 -- Broken Arrow, OK (contact Rob Manger at (918) 258-3080)
2/8/97 -- Chico, CA (contact Roger Bonhomme at (530) 342-1172)

Other dates to be announced. Further details to follow as are provided to JT.

77's GIGS:

2/15/98 -- Chico, CA (contact Roger Bonhomme at (530) 342-1172)
3/14/98 -- Scotts Valley, CA -- private show for Camp Redwood Glen/Salvation Army

Other dates are now being confirmed for Indiana, New York, California, Washington, Michigan, Tennessee and Virginia.

Mike is busy working on the "It's For You" compliation, attempting to whittle it down to a single long-playing cd (no double album here).

(JT's e-mail is "jt@77s.com")