1996 Announcements

December 27, 1996

From: Don Bown <don@77s.com>
Subject: Christmas Blues

I hope you all had a better Christmas than we here in rainy, dreary Sacramento!

First off (and the matter most needing prayer) is that Mike's car was stolen on Christmas Eve.......really put a damper on everything! Mike asks for donations (like a VW Bug or something...hehe). Secondly, my roomamate is leaving...with very little notice. I'm really screwed at this point (the phone shuts off tommorrow, and I am still desperately seeking a job since I've returned from tour).

Needless to say, we are all rather down and out at this point. Patiently awaiting God's reply to our prayers.......management deal is still in limbo (we're waiting to hear from them...the last we heard was that the big guy who owned the whole thing took "Drowning With Land In Sight" to sit down and listen to...that's all we've heard....and unfortunately the only news going on right now...let's all pray that 1997 becomes the year of the 7's!!!

Here's to praying all of you have a great New Years!!!!!

God Bless

Don Bown

"You've got frogs, and princes and elves, Pretty boys and madamoiselles, But
if you don't want to see them in Hell, BE YOURSELF BE YOURSELF BE YOURSELF!"

"It's a great day to be a Fool" me

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December 26, 1996

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: Site updates

Not much has changed during this Christmas season due to family obligations and the general business associated with this time of the year. The only real significant changes I've made since transferring everything to 77s.com have been in the music section: I added a list of projects that Mike Roe has been involved with, and I also added two new Lost Dogs related projects on their page. I also discovered that Street Level Artists Agency has a home page - you can link to them from the concerts. page. At the bottom of the concerts page is a link to concert reviews - I just updated it with a page of e-mails I received about the tom tom Blues Tour. If you entered the 77's contest to win an autographed cd then the winners have been announced! Check out the winners here. And last, but not least, if you haven't received an e-mail saying you're on the 77's e-mail announcements list and you'd like to join please fill out this form or send me an e-mail. Thanks!


December 24, 1996

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: List check.

ok - the 77's E-mail Announcements List is finally up and operational. this was formerly known as "Don Bown's insider trading newsletter". (just kidding...)

if you don't want to receive future announcements about the greatest band in the land, then please send me an e-mail and i'll remove you asap. if you'd prefer to use a different e-mail address than the one this went to i can change that as well.

basically, if i don't hear from you i'll assume you want to remain on the list, and you will occasionally receive announcements about the 77's and Mike Roe from either me or Don Bown.


December 9, 1996

From: Steve Johnson
Subject: www.77s.com

that's right - the 77's now have their own domain name! point your browser at http://www.77s.com/ and enjoy... the page has been completely reworked from the ground up - there are now 7 main sections which should make it easier to find things. i also made extensive use of server side includes and cookies so that you can configure how the page should look (i.e. you can turn off animated gifs, turn on a Shockwave logo, switch to a low-bandwidth version, etc). i'd appreciate any feedback you have about the new look.

also - if you know of any links that still point to web77.biola.edu/~steve/77s or www-students.biola.edu/~steve/77s or www.biola.edu/~steve/77s could you please let me know or just tell the maintainer of that page that the 77's official page has moved to www.77s.com? thanks...