Echos O' Faith (Played Naked) - The 77s

1996 Fools of the World

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1. MT (Mike Roe, Bob Smith)
2. Nowhere Else (Mark Tootle)
3. Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba (Gene Mascoli, Roe, Saterlee)
4. The Treasure In You (Roe)
5. Hard To Say (Bill Harmon, Mark Harmon)
6. The Rain Kept Falling In Love (Roe)
7. Bottom Line (Roe)
8. A Different Kind of Light (Steve Scott)
9. The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes & The Pride of Life (Roe)
10. Caught In An Unguarded Moment (Mark Proctor, Mike Roe, Jan Eric Volz)
11. Do It For Love (Steve Griffith, Tootle)
12. Look (Harmon)
13. UUUU (Roe)
14. Happy Roy (David Leonhardt, Roe)
15. God Sends Quails (Roe)
16. Kites Without Strings

Produced - Brian Healy

Mike Roe - guitars, lead vocals
Mark Harmon - bass, background vocals
David Leonhardt - guitars, vocals
Steve Hindalong - drums, percussion

Executive Producers The 77s.
Recorded by Pete Tessitore.
Mixed by Don McKenney.