from the album "Direct"

(Mike Roe/Mark Harmon/Bruce Spencer)

we were there when they started it all
built a world out of nothing
in a word or two
a promise was made and a dream came true

now we stare at the faces of all
and the path that we have chosen
say a word or two
a promise is made and the dream is replayed

holding on to the lifeline
keeping with the way we want it
holding on to the lifeline
the lifeline

as the dance begins we fascinate
how we find ourselves together
say a prayer or two
we do what we can do
but we are scared

as we take our love in our hands
place a brick upon a stone
will the faith we have drawn in the plans
turn this house into a home?


this time is not in vain
if we understand how the seasons change
the sky floods up with rain
when it clears the air
we can breathe again

now we’re on our way
let the sky turn black
let the seasons rage
our love will still remain
when we clear the air
when we clear the air


© 2002 Fools Of The World, LTD. (ASCAP)