All Fall Down - The 77s

1984 Exit / A&M Records

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Side one
1. Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba
2. Under The Heat
3. Mercy Mercy
4. You Don't Scare Me
5. Make A Difference Tonight

Side two
1. Caught In an Unguarded Moment
2. Someone New
3. Somethings Holding On
4. Your Pretty Baby
5. Another Nail

Bonus Tracks (CD)
1. Locked Inside This Moment (Ballad Version)
2. Locked Inside This Moment (Rock Version)
3. Someone New (12" Version)
4. Jesus
5. Tattoo

Produced by Charlie Peacock

Mike Roe on guitars and lead vocals.
Mark Tootle on Keyboards, guitars and vocals.
Jan Eric on bass guitars and background vocals.
Aaron Smith on Drums.