I've Got
from the album "A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows"

(Music by Bruce Spencer/Mike Roe Words by Bruce Spencer)

you get me going in every way
can i make you come
in my direction?
what's it gonna take babe?
are you gonna hear a single word that i say?
i've got something
i've got me
when i get ready
then you're gonna see
you won't ever
know how good it would be
believe in something
i know that you were weak
but i can see no sense makin' a big deal baby
you didn't mean to hurt me, but,
are you gonna stay with him or give it to me?
i look in the morning sun
for a sign
that it's time
that we
make our move together
and i know that we will be one
if you don't know now
then you're gonna know...
You'll know soon

© 2001 7 And 7 Is Music (ASCAP)