Ache Beautiful
by Michael Roe on "Safe as Milk"

This song is fairly slow, so it makes it easy to learn.  The part I found tricky
when learning it was the muting of the strings marked with an "X" on the chord
structure (see bottom).  The strumming is a kind of syncopated quarter note beat,
almost with a bit of a swing to it.  Each chord gets four beats...(a whole bar). 
And the intro fades in on the CD...


          Em        C
You're so far away

                    G             Bm
And I won't see you any day soon

          Em        C
We came a long way

                    G             Bm
And now you want to fly to the moon

     Em     C
All alone,

      G           Bm
Going your own way

            Em           C
I thought I owned your love

         G           D         
But now you......say...

G        D      C     
Ache,.......ache beautiful for me,

             Em      D              C
Go along and ache,......ache beautifully

                 Em           C
Thought love was here to stay

                        G             Bm
For years, but now it's down to days

             Em        C
And it's one long day

                 G            Bm
To Heathrow from Humboldt Bay

           Em         C
Love was a song we sang

   G           Bm
So beautifully

              Em      C
And can it be gone,...

  G      D

And you say...Ache...etc

G   -   320033, sometimes 3X0033
D   -   XX0233, sometimes 2X0233
C   -   X32033, sometimes X3X033
Em  -   033033, sometimes 03X030
Bm  -   X2023X, sometimes 224432
These chords are pretty versatile, and I have heard each variation used in
different places on the CD.  You can pretty much mix and match most of them,
though you want to keep a pattern between the first set of choices and the
second.  I usually use the second for G, first for D, second for C, first for Em,
and first for Bm.  If you stick with these you'll like the overall sound of it.
Joel Danielson
danielsj at cadvision dot com