Reasonable Service...Lost Dogs

transcribed by ????

G                 Em                C                      G
In every soul an altar stands There on dwells all in the heart of men
Em              C             Em                D
oh comsuming fire lay waste the dross upon this table purge us
G                 Em                C                      G
though the sacrifice we fear  forsake us not Lord draw us near
Em              C             D                 G
for we never fail to find you here in our reasonable service

D                Em             C                    G
now the least that we can do  is the least that you require
D          Em         C           G
living sacfirices on a sacrificial fire 
C                    Em
cleanse these earthen vessels Lord
D           Em          C                Em
of every false desire and when we fail to do the least
help us in our unbelief

and in the measure of our faith let our minds keep on renewing
not comforming to this world until this world's undoing
and by your tender mercies Lord your perfect will pursuing
we become an offering made Holy through our suffering

in the servitude of love drifts a fragrant scent well-pleasing
as the strength of grace compels us on to worship without ceasing
to count as loss all we hold dear in Christ in us increasing
and through the fire gold will remain--to live is Christ to die is gain