Breathe Deep 
by the Lost Dogs on "Scenic Routes" (and "Green Room Serenade, Part 1")

     D                       Em 
Politicians, Morticians, Philistines, Homophobes
     G                       A  
Skin Heads, Dead heads, Tax Evaders, Street Kids
     D                       Em
Alcoholics, Workaholics, Wise Guys, Dim Wits
     G                       A
Blue Collars, White Collars, War Mongers, Peaceniks

   D     Em            G                  A
Breathe Deep, breathe deep the breath of God
   D     Em            G         A        D
Breathe Deep, breathe deep the breath of God

(verse 2 - follow same chords as verse 1 for all verses)

Suicidals, Rock Idols, Shut ins, Drop outs,
Friendless, Homeless, Penniless, Depressed,
Presidents, Residents, Foreigners, and Aliens,
Dissidents, Feminists, Xenophobes, and Chauvinists.

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
Evolutionists, Creationists, Perverts, Slum Lords,
Dead Beats, Athletes, Protestants, and Catholics,
Housewives, Neophytes, Pro Choice, Pro Life,
Misogynists, Monogamists, Philanthropists, Blacks and Whites.

(repeat chorus)

(verse 4)
Police, Obese, Lawyers, Government
Sex Offenders, Tax Collectors, War Vets, Rejects
Athiests, Scientists, Racists, Sadists,
Biographers, Photographers, Artists, Pornographers

(repeat chorus again)

(verse 5)
Gays and Lesbians, Demigods and Thesbians,
The disabled, Preachers, Doctors, and Teachers,
Meat Eaters, Wife Beaters, Judges, and Jurys,
Long Hairs, No Hairs, Everybody, Everywhere!

(repeat chorus numerous times)

        What a great song (even though you may need a dictionary to 
explain some words to young youth kids!) and fun to play!  Enjoy.

                                        Mike Styer