"Nobody's Fault but Mine"  by the 77's off the album Drowning with Land in Sight
Tab by Jacob Hagedorn, jhagedor@gac.edu

Notes: The album version of this song is in standard tuning in the key of E. 
When I saw Mike play it at Cornerstone, he appeared to be playing it in dropped D
tuning to get a fuller sound without the benefit of a second guitarist.  Tuning
your low E string to D also makes the song much easier to play, with the one
finger power chords.  If you really want to play along with the album, put a capo
on the second fret and follow my tab.  I left the lyrics out of the tab, but you
should still be able to follow along.  Enjoy!

Intro:  gradual crescendo (distorted guitar w/chorus-like effect on, can be
doubled up one octave by a second guitarist)
D]---0-(drone open string)-------*----0----------------------*----0-----------------x--------3

B]*------------------------------------*    Repeat 
G]*------------------------------------*    4 times,
D]*---3--0-0-3-0-3-5--5/7--5--3--0-----*  then chorus  
A]*---------------------------------0--*   off and start 
D]*---------------------------------0--*   Part A....

Part A:--D5\C5-C5-A5\Ab5-G5-F5-D5(open)---*-D5\C5-C5-A5\Ab5-G5-F5-G5-------*

Part B:--C5--C5-C5-C5--D5(open)-D5-D5(5th fret)--D5-D5--*
           --C5--C5-C5-C5--D5(open)-D5(5th fret)/E5-D5--E5\D5-*start lyrics & repeat

"soul alive" part:--D5(open)--E5--F5--G5-------G5\\ "it's nobody's fault but mine"

Repeat these parts as necessary, through the solo's, etc.

And bring it all to a grand finale with: