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The Seventy Sevens Release Highly-Anticipated Six-Song EP, Direct

Northern California Pop group the 77's have released their latest project, Direct, a six-song EP that showcases the band's ability to continue to draw upon their creative and collaborative talents as one of the tightest, seasoned three piece acts in modern rock.

Released on the band's independently-owned Fools of the World label, the project features songs ranging from moving ballads to upbeat pop and rock numbers.

The strength of the band -- Mike Roe (guitar, vocals); Mark Harmon (bass, guitar, vocals); and Bruce Spencer (drums, percussion, vocals) -- rests in their collective abilities to write and perform extraordinary songs that deliver intensely personal yet universal messages.

Whether working on a new band project, a solo effort from one of the members, or collaborating in different combinations or with other players, The 77's are always moving forward, discovering different facets of their talent as they explore new musical territory.

One example is the band's latest effort, Direct, which is a follow-up to the successful 2001 release, A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows.

Direct is a collection of simply written and brilliantly performed gems that find the 77's dealing with the age-old pop music topics of love and relationships from a deeper than usual perspective.

While one song, "Born On Separate Days", talks about the feelings that come as a result of a failed relationship, the song "Perfect" explores the opposite feelings that are born out of true love and intimacy. As the lyrics relate, "So let it out/don't be afraid/never give up/I'm ready to be hit with your love!"

Other highlights from the project include "Rosebud," "Dig My Heels," and "Take Your Mind Off It."

"Rosebud" is a sweet acoustic ditty reminiscent of Paul McCartney's solo numbers on The Beatles' White Album, while "Dig My Heels" and "Take Your Mind Off It" mine some classic 1970's-styled songwriting and production ideas in a new and often surprising way.

The 77's continue to shine best on their ability to create solid, meaningful lyrics that are combined with extraordinary musical arrangements. Direct features some of the band's powerful signature rock stylings, but listeners can expect a back-to-the-basics, stripped-down acoustic guitar-based project, which gives an overall fresh sound to this six-song EP.

As world-class multi-talented players with over two decades of history in the rock business, The 77's never cease to be an ever-present, powerful creative force, challenging themselves with exciting new musical endeavors that continue to defy mediocrity and inspire up-and-coming musicians and songwriters year after year.

For more information on Direct, tour schedule, or the latest 77's news, visit the band at www.77s.com.